It’s a lively thought

Just read this :
At the age of 24
“I was a Bus Conductor” – Rajnikanth….
“I didn’t even complete my University Education” – Bill Gates….
“I was the one who served in Hotels” – Oberoi….
“At my childhood days, I Stitches Shoes” – Abraham Lincoln….
“I worked in a Petrol Pump” – Dhirubhai Ambani….
“I Failed in the 10th Standard” – Sachin Tendulkar….
“Education Drop-Out & initially a Keyboard Player” – A. R. Rahman….
“I used to serve Tea at a Shop to support my Football Training” – Lionel Messi…..

Life is not about what u couldn’t do so far, it’s about WHAT YOU STILL
CAN.. 🙂
it’s not a deadly thought , it’s a lively thought 🙂 think about it 🙂

Love Quotes and Special lines for Someone specials

[1] Its easier to be lost than found. Its the reason we’re always searching and rarely discovered. So many locks, not enough keys. -Sarah Dessen

[2] After all these months, all this time, so much has happened. The talks, the phone calls, the laughs and the feelings. If I were to look back on them, I would never have believed that, that person was once me. I wouldn’t recognize that girl because she’s so different from me. But I guess changing and moving on is growing up, I’m growing up and finding out what kind of person I want to be for the rest of my life. And maybe in the future, there are more changes to come, but as for right now, this is who I’m proud to be.


[3] Love is a minefield. You take a step, get blown to pieces, put yourself back together again, and stupidly take another step. I guess thats human nature. It hurts so much to be alone that we’d all rather blow up than be single.

[4] The important thing is not to be bitter over life’s disappointments. Learn to let go of the past, and recognize that every day won’t be sunny. And when you find yourself lost in the darkness of despair, remember, it’s only in the black of night that you see the stars, and those stars lead you back home.


[5] I’m afraid that its never going to happen. Actually, no, I know it won’t so thats not whats scaring me. I’m afraid that I’m never going to stop wishing it would.

[6] And she loves, regardless of everything that has stained her life. She loves with everything she has left and that is beautiful.


[7] There is an inner beauty about a woman who believes in herself, who knows she is capable of anything that she puts her mind to. There is a beauty in the strength and determination of a woman who follows her own path, who is not thrown off by obstacles along the way. There is a beauty about a woman whose confidence comes from experiences; who knows she can fall, pick herself up, and move on.

[8] Love is overrated. Biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate.


[9] It’s the worst feeling in the world to love and hate someone all at the same time. And it’s hard to watch things change when all you want is for them to stay the same. It’s funny but stupid how you want everything and nothing at the same time. It’s crazy when you want to let go, but you keep holding on. And when you want to move on, but you’re stuck right where you started. When feelings come and go and you can’t decide what you want. When you have so many things to say but you don’t know where to start. When you want them in your life so bad, but all you can do is push them farther and farther away. It’s so hard to think back to how things used to be and look at it now and realize that things are different and they may never be the same. You tell yourself it’s not worth it, but if it really didn’t matter, you wouldn’t spend so much time thinking about it.

[10] I could tell you I love you a thousand times, and you’d still need me as just a friend. Those times you kissed me when we were both drunk, when you made fun of me for being a punk. I can’t ignore them, or what we’d be. Congratulations, you mean everything to me.

If you can’t remove

If you can’t remove the tear of a fellow brother or sister – at least don’t add to their flow of tears..

If you can’t remove the bruises of a fellow brother or sister – at least don’t bruise them further..

If you can’t speak words to heal wounds – at least don’t speak words which re-open wounds…

If you can’t help but hurt someone when you’re with them – at least try to walk away..