Me to Me

Facebook: What’s on your mind?
Me: TURBAN. 7.5 meter. Full Voile

Salman Khan: I’m an actor
Me: Hahaha!!! Good one! Bas paaji, ehna na hassao.

Manmohan Singh: I’m the Prime Minister of India.
Me: Wow! Kya acting ki hai SirJi. Sallu ko bhi sikha do kuch.

Ex-GF: You need a psychiatrist
Me: Sure! Is she beautiful?

Present GF: I LOVE kids. Kids are sooooo cute.
Me: Let’s have sex
Present GF: No no… Bacha ho gaya toh?!

Friends: Dude, get a life!!
Me: I can’t afford it. i work in a call-center… Remember?

Mom: Start Dieting
Me: DIET IN. Sure mom… * Starts eating *

God: Why do you always make fun of me?
Me: Who are you, again? I didn’t recognise you. All 330 million of you look identical. Either you’re Chinese or Sikh.

Time: Respect Me. If I go once, I won’t come back.
Me: You sound just my ex-gf. Are you also taking to other guys behind my back?

India: Mein teri Maa hoon?
Me: I love you maa… Par I love Mama Ji (Canada) more.

Life: You’ve been a sore loser till now. When do you intend to do something significant?
Me: When India will top the Olympics medal tally.

Me to Me: So, another FB status…. Saale koi Novel he likh le!!
Me to Me: Sikh hoon. Free ka langar khilane ki aadat hai.

Jorawar Walia

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