Share Critical Information :D


Man is gettng into shower jst as his wife is finishing up her shower..

The door bell rings..
After arguing who shud go & answer d door bell,
wife quickly wraps herself up in a towel & goes to open d door..

There stands Bob..
B4 she says a word,

Bob says- I’ll giv u 800$ jst 2 drop dat towel..

After thinking for a moment, d woman drops her towel & stands naked..

After a few secs, Bob hands over d money & leaves..

The excited woman returns to bathroom & wraps up d towel..

Husband- Who rang d bell?

Wife- It was Bob,
our neighbour..

Husband- Great.. Did he say anythng abt d 800$ he owes me??

MORALShare critical information wid ur stakeholders to prevent avoidable exposure…

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