Shall I Paint Or Shall I Write A Poem

Shall I Paint Or Shall I Write A Poem ?

The sea billows
like a mad nude prancing dark demoness
and from its fuming froth
rises a black-red-speckled moon
shoots up to the sky
from there
tar and blood and moonlight
upon this dazed earth

As the ‘blood-tar moon’ dazzles,
doom descends
many a heart shall mourn
great loss of love
much blood will be spilt —
blood of the animates

So the ‘Shadow’ and ‘Bloodsperm’
have won finally . . .
as fate proclaimed
even a speck of darkness
can threaten to overtake the light.

All shall fall like void-crushed meteors
None will be spared.
“Cry for us,
oh you few of warmth and tenderness”,
someone wails underneath the sea . . .
but do we need to be redeemed ?

“Wash across our world anew.
Forsake us not;
a star’s light unquenched remains.”,
someone prays atop the sky . . .

Shall I paint or shall I write a poem ?
Colours Lines Blankspace
Words Signs Voice Silence
all are smouldering endlessly

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