All I wanna say is, this is My Final Goodbye

my-final-gudbyeI am standing on this empty street,
No matter if it is cold or burning heat..

I see her going far away from me,
But this was not meant to be.

I kept waiting for her all day all night,
But dun Know why you cant even try or fight.

She said i may not see him again,
& so she could never give him more pain.

I may not be happy as she may seem,
But every night I shall see her in ma dream.

She said you should take good care,
I asked her what more is spare.

I wish she stays happy and get all joy,
No matter if I Liv Or Die.

I tried wishing her good luck for life,
Bcaz shez going to be someone Elses lyf.

She promised that she will always stay,
But that promise was just a plastic play.

I dnt know how long I will survive,
But I know my heart isnt alive.

I know this may sound a little absurd,
But I ended my life for a 5 letter word.

My friends say that forget her & move on,
& I keep thinking what should I say.

I know you still Love Me – ?
Dnt know what took You away from me.

I never thought I could be this alone,
& I will not have anyone to cal my own.

I looked up at ALLAH if he can justify,
But my bad luck I never got reply.

So today i came back home and kept thinking,
While every hope of life kept sinking.

How can everything I had end so soon,
& I am alone again just like a moon.

Now she seems more like a star,
Whom I can see but very far.

I think ALLAH was not with me,
Bcaz even after trying so hard i was not able to make her mine.

No…. she cant be someone I ever knew,
& the one who always said ** I LOVE YOU **

Who is to question and who is to blame,
Bcaz now I cant even say your name.

I never wanted anything to end this way,
But She left me nothin more to say.

Now I dnt want any answers or ask Why.
All I wanna say is, this is My Final Goodbye..

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