Don't Joke on Sikhism and On Sardars

Sikhs are not jokers or clowns but a class of respected people. Nobody in this world has the right to make jokes and funny stories about them, no matter that person is himself/herself a Sikh. The media today makes funny characters wear turban and make them do rubbish things giving them appearance of sikhs. This is absolutely wrong and should not be further practiced by media. even jokes on pandits, brahmans and sharma/ verma or any such kind should not be practised. people making jokes on these topics should be ashamed of themselves and reflect a very stupid and immature behaviour. i request people that plz dont make jokes on topics concerning anybody’s religion , family, financial status, personal problems and stop others from doing the these things refect cheap and immoral character of human being. we have to think above these things and make this world a better place to live. IF U WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SIKHS go here:-

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