Save Girl ChilD

I am A Daughter, A Sister, A Grand Daughter, A Niece, A Cousin, A Friend. I am A Partner, A Student, A Young Girl And A Grown Child. I am Confident and scared, Terrified and Excited. I am Loving and Caring, and Thoughtful and Hopeful. I am Sick and Tired. I am Shy and Friendly, and Careful and Careless. I am Broken and Whole. I am Misunderstood, Misguided and Mislead. I am Hardworking and Determined, but a little Scared on the Inside. I Wish on Stars and Dream My Dreams. I Pray to God and Cry My Tears. I Smile On The Outside, When I Am Dying On The Inside. I Listen to Others Who Won’t Listen To Me. I Walk on Eggshells, And I Walk On Fire. I Believe in Friendship. But Not True Love. I Love You And I Push You Away. I Want You But Not So Close. I am Everything And Nothing. All at Once… in short I am a girl


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